Oster Pewter


Pewter sheet can be joined using a variety of low melting-point solders. Several fluxes and lead-free solder formulations are available in wire and paste forms. Links to distributors and their suppliers are listed in FAQs. In addition, welding has been used successfully when joining thicker sheets (0.050″ and up), using a thin strip cut off from the pewter sheet as a welding rod. Contact us for guidance on your specific application.

Pewter will not tarnish like silver, but will age gracefully and develop its own natural patina if left untreated. Pewter can be polished to a high luster similar to sterling silver, brushed to a satin finish to give it a grayish appearance approximating old, leaded pewter, or hammered to achieve a distressed look. Pewter can also be treated or “antiqued” to give it a colored or aged appearance.

Links to suppliers of finishing materials are listed in FAQs. Contact us at any time for help with your specific application.

Pewter can be adhered to substrates using various adhesives. Some examples include fastening pewter plaques to stone, pewter foil to glass, and pewter sheet to wood. See FAQs for links to sites offering products that our customers have used successfully.