Oster Pewter


Pewter sheet can be blanked or cut into circles in diameters from 0.719″ to 24″.

We have blanking tools in 82 diameters, from 0.719″ to 12″ capable of blanking material ranging in thickness from 0.016″ (26 GAUGE) to 0.125″ (8 GAUGE) and a circle machine capable of producing custom diameters from 7.5″ to 24″ in 16th inch increments, in thicknesses ranging from 0.040″ (18 gauge) to 0.080″ (12 gauge).

If the quantities of a custom size warrant, tooling can be created for a fee. For the diameters and tolerances available in various gauges, see our Tooled Circles Dimensions Chart (PDF) or request a quote.