Oster Pewter

Products & Services

Our products include PEWTER INGOTS in a variety of alloys and PEWTER SHEET in a variety of forms, thicknesses and alloys, including CIRCLES, RECTANGLES, STRIP, FOIL, and MILL SHEET.

For more detail on each, click on the internal links below:

Ingots, which is a white metal casting alloy

Circles, which can be spun or formed to make bowls, cups, trays and tankards

Rectangles, which are used to produce picture frames, trays, and models

Strip and Foil, which are used for coins, medallions, labels, and flashing

Mill Sheet, which is used for countertops, ceiling tiles, and stock

Our services include pewter Scrap Recycling, information on Finishing, and Assistance in bringing new products to market through a variety of contacts and resources.