Oster Pewter


Pewter is one of the most versatile alloys known to man. It is cold-workable; doesn’t readily tarnish; is low cost; cleans up with soap and water; can be worked to a flat, satin, or bright finish; and can be spun, cast, hammered, deep drawn, embossed, or soldered. As a result, pewter has been used for centuries in a wide variety of applications, and new uses are being discovered all the time. However, be aware of what you are buying…for information, Click Here: Caveat Emptor

Please click on the internal links below to see the full potential of pewter over a broad range of applications:

Countertops – Oster Pewter now supplies lead-free pewter as mill sheet in widths up to 28″ and, depending on thickness, in lengths of 100″ or more, dimensions optimized for countertops.

Hollowware – Artisans choose pewter for hollowware and giftware because it is easy to work and produces beautiful results. Vases, bowls, candle sticks, goblets, mugs, and tankards are only the beginning.

Home & Fashion – For dressing up or dressing down, for classic designs or modern pieces, pewter’s versatility lends unique character to any type of home or fashion accessory.

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