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Welcome to Oster Pewter

Oster Pewter has been providing the highest quality metals to Manufacturers and Artisans since 1974. Formerly a product line within the AJ Oster Company (which was bought by British conglomerate Cookson back in the mid-1980’s), sheet pewter fabrication was spun off as part of a general divestiture and purchased by Callico Metals, Inc. and now does business as Oster Pewter. Independently owned, it is the leading domestic supplier of rolled sheet pewter to the Industrial and Artisan markets.

Craftsmen have been making pewter for almost 3,500 years. Composed primarily of Tin with Antimony and Copper added to increase hardness and stiffness respectively, Pewter is one of the most useful alloys know to man. It is cold-workable, doesn’t readily tarnish, cleans up with soap and water, can be worked to a flat, satin or bright finish, can be cast, spun, hammered, deep-drawn, embossed, soldered and welded, and transitions easily between historical and contemporary, artistic and industrial. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

The markets for Oster Pewter™ range from hollowware, giftware and jewelry to industrial applications that include radiation shielding, and architectural applications such as lighting, range hoods and countertops. To meet the requirements of such diverse industries we have honed our operations to produce the quality you demand in the dimensions you need.

At Oster Pewter, we believe there is no substitute for experience. Our 135+ years of combined experience in the pewter industry has taught us a lot about the challenges customers face. We focus on offering the finest product possible to help overcome those challenges and introduce new and innovative uses for pewter in today’s expanding marketplace.